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Stages of project management for Manage Your Health company

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Please define the stages of project management (i.e. Defining the project scope, Project time, project cost, human resources, project communications, project risk, and project procurement) for a case study given. Please use the MS Project 2010 for the project.

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This is not the complete answers to the questions but gives you a good direction to take this question.
Here are the brief explanations of the Project Management modules.
Project Scope - This will define the project and what needs to be accomplished.
The scope of the Recreation and Wellness Intranet (RWI) project is to design and implement an application on the current Intranet to help full-time employees improve their health within one year of its roll out.
Project Time - this includes the different activities needed to be completed to meet the deadline of the project.
The main tasks are:
- Add company-sponsored recreational programs
- Add company-sponsored classes and programs
- Track data on employee involvement
- Offer incentives to join the programs
Each of these tasks will have subtasks that need to be accomplished to make the main tasks successful. Some of the work can be done in parallel with other work as well. These items can also be included in Microsoft Project.
1) Survey
a. Create survey
b. Provide survey to employees
c. Obtain survey and analyze results

2) Add company-sponsored recreational programs
a. Add time and location for the following programs: Soccer, softball, bowling, jogging, walking, (go by what your company or other companies have as well and add more)
b. Add a field for the employee to register for these recreational programs
c. Have an automatic email be sent to the person responsible for that program to let him know who has registered
d. Have field for comments or questions that would be sent to the responsible person
(Can you ...

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