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    Reducing safety waste in projects

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    Compose an essay explaining the reasons why individuals routinely waste the excessive safety we acquire for our project activities. Be sure to use at least 5 references and have it consist of 3 pages in length

    Greatly appreciate any and all help

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    When working on projects, especially those with deadlines, people assume there are built in safety to prevent the project from going over. Among these are extra time to get the project completed within the contracted time, assuming there will be delays. People then assume that the built in time for delays are allowable times and become less motivated to complete the project quickly. They can focus on other projects or on more personal endeavors at the expense of the project and its needs.
    Since padding projects with time and often times budget money, is common, the workers learn to anticipate this. The padding of time does help ensure, for the company, the project will be completed in time for its needs, ...

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    Some reasons for project safety waste is examined.