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    Project Report User Analysis

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    The project that you are working on has progressed to the point where you have identified the key management and end users in the effected organization and have scheduled the initial interviews. Over the next two weeks you interview 10 different users asking the same set of questions of the management team and the associates. Upon analyzing the results you find that the requirements identified by the management team are diametrically opposed to the requirements identified by the associates.

    Should you be concerned and if so how much?

    Would you report these results and move on to the next step of the analysis?

    Is re-interviewing the users to drill down deeper an alternative?

    Do you have any conclusions about this group?

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    // This paper contains a project, which deals with the review of Management and the associates and the reason behind the conflict in their views and also your views and suggestion for achieving success for the Organization, in connection with the conflicting views of the Employees and the Management.//


    This project report is related to the review of the management and associates. In this report, I am going to present the different views of the management and associates for the same project and what are the reason of the conflict and different views. I am also describing my views and why should I concern with the different aspect of every one. By the mean of this report, I am going to explain the reasons and the move for the future for the success of the project from organization and employees point of view.

    // The reason for conflict between a Senior and sub-ordinate could be many and could result from behavioral aspect. This part throws light on these reasons present in the Organization.//

    In the organizational setting, there may be several reasons for conflicts among the higher authorities and the employees of the organization. A subordinate may resist the control of the supervisor as he feels that his superior resist to control activities outside the scope of his control; and he perceives conflict with his superior and the latter may feel when his attempt of control is thwarted. (Mills, T.M., 1967) He is likely to interpret subordinate's resistances as due to resentment of the exercises of personal power. This perception of the behavior may be grounded either on realities or may be due to misunderstand between superior and subordinates. For the same project the views of the management and the other associates are ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1083 words with references.