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Project Management

Project Justification (Scoping)

Select, describe, and justify an organization for your project.

Once your organization is selected, then you need to provide a description of one particular project management activity within this organization, either past or ongoing. Be sure to identify the type of project, who is involved in the project generation/development process (key individuals only), the steps or milestones in the project, and what the expected outcomes are for the project.
Provide justification and support for your selection -- that is, why is this organization chosen.

Project Planning

Describe the general plan and the steps involved to achieve project success (from a planning perspective). Discuss the critical elements of the plan and what the key success factors will be for the project success.

Project Execution

Identify the manner in which the project is activated and what the key elements of that activation included. Discuss what the challenges in the activation of the project were, and how these challenges were resolved or will be resolved.

Project Control

For this section, you are to evaluate your selected organization in terms on their project controls and on how those controls are implemented and managed. You should describe the specific control measures and how they are applied and evaluated. You should comment on the effectiveness or lack thereof and recommendations, if any, you would make to enhance the project control phase of the overall project.

Project Closing

For this final component discuss how your selected organization assesses the effectiveness of their projects from conceptualization through closing. Comment on your views as to the effectiveness of the overall project management approach and environment. Use the concepts and ideas gained from the readings, case assignment, and your own knowledge and experience, comment on ways you believe project management could be enhanced in this organization.

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The organization that I have selected makes plastic molded toys. The reason why this organization has been selected by me is that I work there and so I have information about this company. Another reason why I have selected the company is that it uses project management techniques. It also has Microsoft Project Office Server but only makes limited use of its functions.

Currently, one project management activity that I have selected is setting up a separate plant for making toys. The top management is involved in the project. The key persons are Vice-President Operations, Production Manager, and Works Manager II. The land is part of our current plant and within the boundary; the second unit is to be set up. The key milestones are constructing the unit building, the fitting of utilities, the purchase of machinery and equipment, the installation and testing of machines, and commencement of production. The expected outcome is an increase of sixty percent of capacity.

I have selected this project so that I can see the information about this project. Further, this project is challenging because of the short time and tight budget. I have selected this organization because I can run through critical information about the organization and the project.

Project Planning

The general plan for the project is that within two months the building for the plant will be up and ready. By then permissions ...

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