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    Microsoft office project 2000

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    I need someone to give me an example of one of the linking variables and how it would affect the project schedule?

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    Unless another TA is an expert in MS Office Project 2002 - you are going to have to do a little reading and research on MS Office Project 2000 in particular if your question relates only to that particular software.
    <br>However, there is a very good article at 'http://www.epmbook.com/planning.htm' entitled 'Planning' which goes into detail about what should be considered when scheduling a project.
    <br>Almost all project planning tools provide some type of automated scheduling. The sort of information that may need to be adjusted is:
    <br>. adding or changing dependencies
    <br>. adding in ...

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    The expert provides examines of linking variables and how it affects the project schedule.