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Final Project Part VI

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Your organization in the new geographical location has been operating for over a year. There have been a lot of positive changes, but a few obstacles still remain. Answer the following:

-What are the organizational strengths and weaknesses?
-How can management increase its understanding and application of business etiquette and protocol in this new region?
Your write-up should be a Microsoft Word document of two to three pages.

Final Project Wrap-Up and Submission

By the end of this week, you should assemble all the documents you have created for the course and compile them into a portfolio. Add a cover page and a one-page summary of all the write-ups you have done on the project in the six weeks.

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The solution assists with the final project regarding an organization in a new geographical location.

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Time frame:
More than one year but less than two years of operation in the new geographical location


The first 2 to three years of operation of the company in the new location is expected to be critical and challenging. While it cannot be denied that the organization is already an established company before the relocation, the new site could be an opportunity for the company continue to prove itself and likewise an opportunity to be a part of a developing economy.

1. Positive changes expected
The initial stage would be beset with important decisions to make that include: policy and priority formulations, marketing focus, and resource allocation.

Positive changes expected during the first two years of relocation may include the following:

a) Improvement in familiarity with the area. During the first two years of stay in the new site, company management and foreign employees may have become familiar with the new environment and its culture.

b) Gradual employee acceptance. Cultural shock may have been reduced and that people may have begun accepting the new set-up.

c) Strategic locations and focus of services would have been identified. As noted by Daniels and Radegaugh (2000), it is important for the organization to determine where the emphasis should be because this will have a bearing on decisions related to allocation of financial and human resources.

d) Target markets and the corresponding products and services would have been determined. This is important to ensure focus of operations.

e) Productive partnerships and alliances with companies in the new site ...

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