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$10,000,000 Project

Assume you work for a medium sized manufacturing company that's has $10 million for capital projects for this year, and you work in one of the following departments (Choose only one). You're asked to provide a proposal for why the company should allocate the $10 million to your department. Here's the scenario:

1. Sales department--$10,000,000 needed to setup a new sales office and add an additional warehouse on the West Coast to expand distribution and increase sales.
2. Production department--$10,000,000 needed to purchase new equipment and redesign the manufacturing facility to reduce product costs and improve quality.
3. Planning department--$10,000,000 needed to acquire a small competitor that has some good products that will complement your company's product offering.

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As we know, production capacity limitations are hampering future growth. We could increase sales almost immediately by 10% with an adequate capacity increase. As head of the production department, I urge you to consider funding growth of this department.

In the past, management has expressed concern with having to build a new plant, hire and train additional production staff, and the compounding effects these increased costs would have upon the underlying profitability of the growth. I propose a different approach that will lower average production costs and contribute significantly to overall profitability. For example, by replacing the dilapidated equipment, we could take advantage of tax depreciation for a few years ...

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The solution outlines a $10,000,000 budget decision and describes in detail precisely how a manager might attempt to convince the finance department that his/her idea is worthy of the funds.