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    Using the project you created in Unit 1 Individual Assignmen

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    Using the project you created in Unit 1 Individual Assignment, put together a proposal for the customer that includes the following:

    Briefly describe the first five points of the Project Scope Checklist in relation to your project:

    What are the project objectives?
    List the deliverables.
    Identify the milestones of the project.
    List the technical requirements.
    What are the limits and exclusions?
    this is unit 1 below

    LaTerrica Williams
    Unit 1 Individual Project
    Project Management
    February 17, 2007
    Dr. David Lawson

    1) The needs of the situation.

    - here you need to explain what is the problem. In this case, let's say that employees pay for things out of their own pocket (like when they travel, or buy equipment...) and then they need to get reimbursed by the firm.
    - You would need to understand the situation at hand. Let's say currently an employee must submit the claim to accounting, they need to make duplicates of their receipts, fill out a long document, get their managers signature, submit it, and then wait 8-10 weeks to get reimbursed.
    - The needs would be: make the process more user friendly and have the employees be reimbursed within 1-2 weeks
    - The new process could be done using an intranet system, where employees submit a simple form online, which is easily found on the server. They then send their original copies of their receipts by internal mail and they then can get a direct deposit of their purchase within the new period.

    2) The objectives
    - to shorten the process
    - make the application easier
    - get all the employees familiar with the new processes
    - assess how much money the new process will save the company in terms of less work for accounting, less unbilled hours for employees who currently have to take 15 minutes filling out the forms
    - increased employee satisfaction since they will get their money back faster

    3) What assumptions, if any, should be made regarding the project to be undertaken?
    - Assumptions are a bad thing to have. Never assume in business. You should have assumptions and then TEST them to make sure that it is feasible. If you assume things without having valid data to back up your assumptions then you are going into the situation blind folded/
    You can begin by assuming the following aspects, but then you can then go and test them using employee surveys, in-depth interviews with different departments and case studies from similar strategies implemented by similar firms.
    - you need to assume that there is a better way to improve the process
    - you need to assume that employees are willing to change their actions
    - you need to assume that the company is willing to change its policies

    4) Who are the main people or departments that need to be involved in this project?
    - the main departments would be:
    - market research who will test the assumptions
    - accounting who need to implement the changes
    - all employees in the rest of the firm who will use the new reimbursement method (executives, account consultants...)
    - hr consultants who need to go to all the employees to tech them the new process
    - IT who maintains the new intranet webpage with the new form
    - The internal mail workers who understand the need to deliver receipts to accounting in a timely manner

    5) What are the risks involved?
    - there are a few risks
    - the risk of rejection (employee resistance) of the new system is the highest. Some employees are scared of change, and might not be comfortable using a new system,
    - the risk of IT failure is huge, that the new system could crash or not work properly
    - the risk of accounting not being able to fulfill the duties of quicker payments

    6) Why would your project be considered a project?
    - a project is anything where changes are proposed in order to benefit the employees and the company. There are specific goals that the project wishes to fulfill.
    - this is outside the normal scope of the every day business, but it will help benefit the firm. For example, it is not done as part of day to day processes such as manufacturing a product, it is done in addition to daily operations in order to improve the lives of employees. The outcome of this project would be to increase employee satisfaction by having an easier and quicker reimbursement process.

    I would like to start by explaining the current reimbursement situation including examples of the current process and the problems that surround this process.

    I am writing to let you know how we can solve this problem. I have experience in solving similar problems. My expertise, skills, and resources (computer software, skilled employees...) are centered on solving and planning which are the key elements for being successful.

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    Project Management: Streamlining Employee Reimbursements
    What are the project objectives?
    ? To streamline and rationalize reimbursement process for employees as compared to other premier organization.
    ? To meet employees' expectations with respect to reimbursement.
    ? To assess how much money the new process will save the company in terms of less work for accounting, less unbilled hours for employees who currently have to take 15 minutes filling out the forms.
    ? To increase employee satisfaction since they will get their money back faster

    List the deliverables.
    ? Reimbursement plan that is superior as compared to that offered by competitors and other premium organizations.
    ? Rationalized compensation and incentive plan for all employees.

    Identify the milestones of the project.
    ? Do market research. This includes understanding the current compensation structure of the organization and that of competitors
    ? Propose a New Compensation Plan
    ? Approval from Departmental Heads
    ? Approval from ...

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