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Master Patient Index (MPI)

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The master patient index (MPI) gives you access to patient information, which results in significant benefits for patients and health care providers.

Address the following:
- Justify the function of a master patient index.
- Discuss how the master patient index is an important resource in the health care facility.
- How does the MPI affect the following systems within the health care organization?
? Clinical
? Management
? Appointments
? Security

1 page is needed. Please include in text citations and references in APA format.

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Solution Summary

The master patient index is examined. How the master patient index is an important resource in the health care facility is determined.

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A master patient index (MPI) is an electronic database that stores information on
patients registered with health care organizations. An index contains personal contact
information, personal identifying information, and health information about registered patients.
A master index may be linked to a larger EMPI, or Enterprise Master Patient Index, which
connects several smaller MPIs (Rouse, 2012). Though the database contains personal health
and identifying information of patients, it is not intended to be accessed by those other than
health care providers who serve patients in the database. The function of the index is to
provide greater portability of health care information related to individual patients. The
information follows the patient from one health care organization to another.
The advantages of the MPI is that it may provide patients with better continuity
and improved quality of care. When physicians and providers are able to access prior health
information they may have a better picture of a patient's overall health history, which gives
providers a better idea of the health issues most important to the specific patient. Often
patients fail to remember details such as previous minor surgical procedures and visits to
providers for minor conditions, such as ear ...

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