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Customer Satisfaction Index

Your supervisor has forwarded you an email from corporate headquarters about the alarming increase in customer service complaints. You have been asked to analyze the situation in terms of the industry standard. In addition, you are to identify who within the organization is best positioned to impact customer service and if these people are among the top or bottom in terms of the organizational structure and / or pay scale? Also, you are to determine how your industry rate in terms of customer service compared to other industries.

You will need to search the Internet with the key words of "customer satisfaction index" to find the required information to complete this assignment.


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This material is from the website: http://www.theacsi.org/" This monograph highlights the impact of customer satisfaction on profits, stock prices, and shareholder value, as well as the relationships between ACSI and economic growth, and between ACSI and consumer spending. Implications with respect to strategic positioning, customer loyalty, the customer value proposition, and mergers and acquisitions are discussed." http://www.theacsi.org/
Thequalityportal.com/glossary/c.htm "American) Introduced in 1994 by University of Michigan - CSI measures customer satisfaction at national level. CSI has been on a continual decline from 1994 through 1997 suggesting that quality improvements are not keeping pace with ...

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This posting discusses customer service complaints. Issues related to organization structure, pay scale and customer satisfaction index are also described in detail.