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Issues to consider when importing product to foreign country

What are three key issues that a Quebecois copywriter must take into account when we are importing into Quebec an alcoholic beverage? With what entry strategy will you recommend to enter to this market?

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As a Quebecer, I think I can help shed some insight.

Firstly, all alcohol is controlled by the SAQ - society alcohol du Quebec. Alcohol is then sold in special stores, which is regulated by the SAQ. It is illegal for someone to open an alcohol store to compete with the SAQ. Therefore, to enter the Quebec market, you have to go through the SAQ.

The home page is situated at:

Now, as you are a business trying to import booze to Quebec, you would be dealing on a "b2b" scenario - business to business. This would be the website were you would find all reputation on how to enter the market:

To enter the market, you ...

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The solution specifically looks at Quebec, and what issues could arise when you are trying to import a new beer into the market.