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    Josh Hardy and Chimerix, Inc case study

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    Where to find it: The following two articles:

    The CEO who saved a life and lost his job
    Chimerix CEO out in wake of Josh Hardy compassionate use media frenzy
    Please read the above articles carefully and consider doing some online research about the case before starting to work on the assignments.

    Please answer the following questions in your report separately:

    Write a summary of the case (approximately 100-150 words).
    Identify (and explain) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case.
    Identify (and explain) all of the stakeholders in the case, and thoroughly discuss each of their viewpoints (e.g. needs, desires, concerns, costs, benefits, power, etc.).
    Identify (and explain in details) all ethical principles, that if employed, could have help prevent the ethical issue(s) observed in the case, or if employed now, could help prevent the ethical issue(s) observed in the case from occurring in the future.
    Using the ethical approaches you have identified, recommend a plan of action for the company that will help the company remain competitive and avoid such problems in the future.
    Explain the expected positive and negative consequences of the plan of action you recommend.

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    Step 1
    Summary of the case:
    7 year old Josh Hardy was battling kidney cancer and in 2014 after a bone marrow stem cell transplant he developed life threatening respiratory virus. His doctor applied to Chemerix for an unapproved experimental drug brincidofovir. Twice his requests were turned down by Chemerix. The risk for Chemerix was that if an experimental drug was used under compassionate use conditions with FDA approval and the patient died, the approval process for the drug can be slowed down. The family of Hardy started a huge social networking campaign against Chemerix to get the drug for Josh. The CEO, Kenneth Moch was delivered death threats. Under pressure from social media and personal threats, Moch worked out a plan with the FDA and enrolled Josh as a patient. He received brincidofovir, responded well and was discharged from the hospital. However, three weeks after Josh's treatment began; Moch was fired by the board. Moch had taken too much risk and his actions could have delayed the release of the drug to the market. This would also have endangered the drug's approval process.

    Step 2
    The ethical issue is whether Chemerix should have provided Josh an experimental and unapproved drug brincidofovir? From the deontological ethical perspective it is the duty of Chemerix to hold back ...

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