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    Are successful entrepreneurs born with certain traits?

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    There are many successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs. What are four traits they have in common? Were these entrepreneurs born with these traits, or did they develop these traits?

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    There are as many actual characteristics of successful entrepreneurs as there are successful entrepreneurs. Four traits are definitely common among them all, and are all traits that the entrepreneurs mentioned have in common.

    1. A complete passion for business, no entrepreneur can become successful without possessing an extreme drive and passion for building their business. We saw this when Apple and Microsoft both exploded and we also saw this when Buffet began building his empire. This is the main factor that continues to drive success. There has to be a complete passion for what they're doing in order to continue generating unbelievable amounts of wealth from it. This is a trait that people are born with in different forms, and it ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion examining if successful entrepreneurs are born with certain traits, or if they develop these traits. References are also provided.