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Decision Making in a Multi-National Environment

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Make a recommendation to Wally Wizard. Support the recommendation with the decision-making process outlined in the background information.

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This solution discusses decision making in a multi-national environment.

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Multinational Corporations (MNC) & Facing Challenges

Consider the large number of multinational corporations (MNCs) getting involved in philanthropies and local communities' development activities (such as providing financial aid to remove illiteracy and poverty, creating health and safety awareness programs, etc.) in the countries in which they have operations. Discuss the following:

Why are MNCs getting involved in such activities? Are they displaying a sense of social responsibility, or is this merely good business?

Does motivation matter if either way the effort contributes to society? Why or why not?

What is the responsibility of the multinational corporation in the countries in which it has business?

Consider the countries mentioned in your assignments. How can your corporation best behave in a socially responsible and ethical way toward the specific societies it has entered?

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