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    Torts from Sabotaging Competition

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    Allison operates a pizza establishment and has run into difficult economic times. Just when Allison feels that her business was finally going well, a new pizza place opens nearby. Allison cannot stand the thought of again facing bankruptcy of a business that she has worked so hard for. Allison contacts the suppliers of the new pizza place and tries to convince them not to deal with the new place. The credit worthiness of the new restaurant is lied about, and the moral character of the owner called into question. What torts has Allison committed? What defense(s) might she assert? What ethical issues are presented by Allison's behavior? How can they be resolved?

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    Obviously, after reading this brief synopsis, we can both agree that Allison has behaved in an unethical manner. Her actions were not only inappropriate, but in my opinion, were unwarranted. It is important to remember that opinion doesn't necessarily matter, in terms of the law. Therefore, it is important to be able to cite previous cases or laws to defend one's case. What I mean by this is even though I believe Allison behaved unethically in her decision-making, I need further documentation of laws to justify that what Allison did was truly wrong.

    Let's begin by reviewing what a tort is... According to Laws.com, "A tort is a civil breach committed against another in which the injured party can sue for damages." In this case, the new restaurant can sue Allison for damages due to the fact that she did provide false information, which ...

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    The case study provided examines a "real world" issue that happens often in business regarding competition and sabotage. This case study examines an example of unethical behavior and applies U.S. law to the case, specifically using torts. In addition to torts, the ethical versus unethical aspects of this case are examined.