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HR Contributions to Organizational Disciplinary Measures

Lou Gerstner, IBM's retired CEO, founded the Teaching Commission in 2005 to improve teacher quality. Gerstner is using his corporate reputation as a charismatic CEO to help link teachers' salaries to performance. To do so, he plans to tie teachers' pay to test scores. Do you think Gerstner's proposal is a good idea?

The administration of discipline usually occurs between a manager and a subordinate employee. How can HR staff contribute to the fairness of the administration of discipline? How can HR staff contribute to the reduction of the need to administer discipline to employees within a company?

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I don't believe that it would be fair to attach teachers pay to test scores, so I don't believe that Gerstner's proposal is a good idea. It would not be a good idea to tie teachers' pay to test scores, due to the fact that teachers are not entirely in control of the cognitive abilities of their students, and although a teacher may be putting in the effort that is required, he or she cannot guarantee that all of the students will be able to absorb that information readily. I would agree that incredibly low test scores that are consistently scored by the students of particular teachers, would probably be the fault of those teachers to some degree, but in most cases, a great deal of the assimilation of information by students is due to the effort of the student in completing their assignments and studying at home. In ...