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Allure Cruise Line

Read the following case:
? Case 5: Allure Cruise Line: Challenges of strategic growth and organizational effectiveness (attached)

Write a case analysis. Answer all the case questions in the text.

Case Analysis and Discussion Guidelines

Offer analysis and evidence to support your conclusions. Be objective in interpreting evidence. Don't present one-sided arguments. Include and answer the points not favorable to your position.
Write information and arguments clearly. Use bulleted lists where appropriate. Use tables or charts and graphs to present quantitative information.
Answer all the case questions in the text. You may use bulleted lists where appropriate to summarize your points.

"You should offer analysis and evidence to back up your conclusions. Do not rely on unsupported opinions, unjustified generalizations, or platitudes as a substitute for concise, logical arguments backed up with facts and figures. Use tables and charts to display quantitative information clearly and efficiently. In the body of the report, quote key numbers, highlight the conclusions to be drawn from the exhibits, and refer the reader to your charts and exhibits for more details.
Your interpretation of the evidence should be reasonable and objective. Be wary of preparing a one-sided argument that omits all aspects not favorable to your conclusions. Likewise, try not to exaggerate or dramatize. Endeavor to inject balance into your analysis and to avoid emotional rhetoric. Watch out for phrases such as "I think," "I feel," and "I believe" when you edit your first draft. Check that your analysis supports the assertions following such phrases. If not, revise."

Format: Present your case analysis in Microsoft Word document format.


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? Discuss some of the key factors that influence the morale of the crew. What recommendations do you have for the leaders on board to help improve the morale of the crew?
Some of the key factors that influence the morale of the crew are the food that they have to eat. The communication they have with each other also influences the morale. The lack of communications because of language problems can lead to a lower morale. Further, if here is sexual harassment it can adversely affect the morale of the crew. In addition, if here is discrimination between men an d women, it can lead to poor morale. Moreover, if there are conflicts among the crew members the situation could affect the morale of the crew. Also, the crews feel lonely because of long working hours, and cramped living quarters. Finally, favoritism can affect the morale on the ship.
The leaders can improve the morale by ensuring that cuisine from different parts of the world are cooked at least once a week so that each crew member gets to taste food similar to home once a week. In addition, there should be weekly exercises that help improve communications among the crew members. There should be strict rules for sexual harassment and for discriminating against women. These rules should be communicated to all crew members and enforced strongly. If there are separations, then the persons who have separated should be placed on different ships. To improve the morale weekly holidays should be given. In addition, if the living areas should be made less cramped and may be livened up with colors.
? Discuss the communication challenges on board. How could these communication issues be improved?
The communication challenges on board the ship emerge from several sources. First, the crew is from an average of 40 different nationalities. There is a difference in culture that makes ...

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