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    Corporate Culture

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    Please help so that I can write a paper describing the corporate culture of a place of employment. Be sure to include a discussion about how the company's culture affects it's performance, recruitment / retention of employees and overall employee satisfaction.

    I work for a staffing firm and need to write a paper accordingly that will include discussion relating to corporate culture as discussed in my attached file.

    I need some ideas to get me started. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Interesting topic! Have you read the attached chapter yet? I refer to specific page number in the response below.

    One approach to be provide a suggested culture, which you can adjust to fit with your firm. This is the approach this response takes. I refer to your firm as YourStaffing firm.


    YourStaffing firm is a staffing firm.

    According to Schein (1992, as cited in the attached article), the two major functions of culture are external adaptation and internal integration. Cultures develop and persist overtime because it facilitates adaptation to the external environment and because it helps the organization survive. YourStaffing Firm has purpose driven organization culture, which is "adaptive." The purpose is linked to the organization mission and needs, which guides and drive all organizational behavior and adapts to changing organizational needs (see attached article, p. 30). Thus, YourStaffing firm is employee oriented (from attached article, p. 16), with management placing a strong emphasizes on caring for customers, stakeholders and employees. They place a high value on people and processes that create useful change. The common purpose of managers is to pay close attention to all constituencies, especially customers, initiate change when needed and take risks (see p. 31 of the attached article).

    Recruitment / Retention of employees

    It fosters the hiring of dynamic employees who are more effective, productive and satisfied in that job. The purpose-driven culture emphasizes hiring dynamic employees who can successfully perform both individually and as part of a cohesive team. In recruiting, it recruit people who they ...

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    Through illustrative example, this solution describes a corporate culture of a place of employment, including a discussion about how the company's culture affects its performance, recruitment/retention of employees and overall employee satisfaction.