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    Research Methods and Statistics

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    1) Are the different forms of consumer instalment credit in the following table highly correlated? Create your table in Word.

    2) A researcher is asked to determine whether or not a productivity objective (in dollars) of better than $75,000 per employee is possible. A productivity test is done involving 20 employees. What conclusion would you reach? The sales results as follows:

    a. 28,000 105,000 58,000 93,000 96,000
    b. 67,000 82,500 75,000 81,000 59,000
    c.101,000 60,500 77,000 72,500 48,000
    d. 99,000 78,000 71,000 80,500 78,000

    3) Interpret the following output examining group differences for purchase intentions. The three groups refer to consumers from three states: illinois, Louisiana, and Texas. What assumptions can you make?

    Please see the attached document for all the necessary data.

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    An examination of the various research methods and statistics tools for data analysis. There are 3 problems that examine data correlation and interpretation of the results and F-test results analysis.