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Organizational Behavior

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How do organizations learn by rewarding experimentation and recognizing mistakes as a natural part of the learning process, and continuously question past practices. Please provide example.

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Organizations that reward experimentation can gain keen insight into the methodology that may be needed to solve many of the present, and or, probable future problems that an organization may encounter. By encouraging management and staff to take calculated risks in their experimental efforts, organizations will tend to gain crucial information that they would not be able to gain otherwise, and by encouraging and rewarding this experimentation management and personnel initiative will increase, as well as the esprit de corps throughout the organization.

Likewise, when organizations recognize that ...

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Concepts and Terminology: Organizational Behaviour

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Schermerhorn, John R. Jr., Hunt, James G., Osborn, Richard N.
Organizational Behavior, Ninth Edition
2005 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Problem -

Explain the following key concepts and terminology:
1) Organizational behavior
2) Organizational culture
3) Diversity
4) Communication
5) Organizational effectiveness and efficiency
6) Organizational learning
b. Provide examples of how these concepts and terms relate to your workplace.

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