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Organizational behavior

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Submit a 1,400 to 2,100 word paper: Specific difficult goals have been suggested to enhance performance, but researchers have also shown that performance will be high only when expectancies are high. You might think that as goals become increasingly difficult, expectations for accomplishing them would decrease. Can you resolve this apparent contradiction between goal-setting theory and expectancy theory by applying it to a situation within your own organization?

Note: Please cite the sources.

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Goal setting theory:
1. The goals should be specific and difficult:
2. If possible the goals should have quantification;
3. The goals should not be vague;
The reasons:
1. Goals concentrate attention and express efforts:
2. Goals lead to more efforts;
3. Goals stimulate and encourage persistence:

Expectancy theory says;
An employee in an organization will be
1. More motivated when they believe that more endeavor will lead to enhanced job performance;
2. Better ...

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