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Metric Systems in Organizations

1. Evaluate a metric system that you are aware of in an organization that is inconsistent with the companies overall objectives. Why is it inconsistent? How has this affected the overall performance of the company? How should it be changed?

2. Why do managers procrastinate on performance reports? Are most performance reports a meaningful experience for employees?

Please help answer these questions. I need between 150 to 200 words. Please provide all references used.

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1. Suppose that I work in the Black Law Bindery, which is a bindery specializing in binding of books, periodicals, students' thesis, architect portfolios, etc. As such the quality of binding is very important here, because books and thesis bound in Black Law Bindery are sold all over the country and are read and handled by elite sections of the society, namely professors, university students, research scholars, etc. To my astonishment, the new manager who joined in last week has set a weekly goal for us to find clients for binding, so that the average number of bindings that are done shoots up to 80 books a ...

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