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Identifying Employee Work Conflicts with a Gantt Chart

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I've got a project that I've got to plan out and I'm trying to identify any potential conflicts in using a limited number of personnel resources. I want to be able to put this in a MS Project Gantt chart in order to present it to my supervisor and co-workers. This digital format would also make it easier to vet my idea through a secondary review process. The activity information is as follows:
Assignment Duration Predecessors

(A) devise research methodology 4 days --
(B) create catering marketing strategy 3 days A
(C) redesign catering menu 5 days A
(D) market test menu offerings 3 days A
(E) create test menu 3 days B
(F) perform test menu trial 2 days D

It was difficult getting my supervisor to try this but she has stated that we don't have a lot of time to spare on this. She can only spare a week or so on this but she wants continuity with no more so she wants to devote as few people to this as possible. Only one worker can be dedicated to each assignment. She doesn't want multiple workers ganging up on any one assignment or splitting the assignment work up among different workers.
In my presentation, I'll need to be able to:
- Identify any work assignment conflicts along-with any assignments involved, the days that would be in conflict, the worker resources involved, and the workers I'll need.
- Given an understanding of how my supervisor feels about maintaining project continuity and minimizing the duration how can I conflicts be worked out and how will all this effect my project's duration.

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Please also see attached PowerPoint file for MS Project workings.

Key assumptions: as stated in question, every task requires specific individual be assigned to it. In the interest of clarity, individuals have been named Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot. Please refer to resource name in attached PPT file.

Project task are of the FS (finish to start) type, meaning predecessor tasks have to be completed before the successor tasks can start.

By week, we are assuming calendar week and not ...

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