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From group to a high performance team

Explain how a group can become a high-performance team. Include an examination of the impact of demographic characteristics and cultural diversity on group behavior. Also, describe how demographic characteristics and cultural diversity contribute to or detract from high-performance teams.

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Okay, I have tried to do a high performance group discussion. It includes some ideas on how culture is nurtured for the group. I hope it helps. I put it in the text here and attached it as a word document.

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How does a group become a high performance team? In my field there is a tool called facilitation, where a person helps the team to address problems and identify key elements that are being overlooked by the group.

During the storming phase, an outside or inside person would watch the group interaction and listen to who and what was being said. They would then identify the problem areas. Maybe Lisa is not talking at all and contributing and so everyone overlooked her. Or maybe Teddy talked too much and took over the group without consent. Working out who and what was being done and how to work together, a facilitator works as a extra hand in helping the group find its strengths and weaknesses. Since workers are not all the same and come from different backgrounds this becomes more important. It is just as important to understand that all skills and abilities are part of the company and therefore useful for the group. Someone who is good with numbers will be able to test an alternative that affects budgets and numbers needed. Someone who works on the floor in a manufacturing company will understand about the skills and time element of building the product. People who work in the field as sales or service will understand customer needs.

There are many different types of needs within a customer or employee base and all these have to be considered for those inside and outside of the group. Not properly considering information by someone who knows about certain cultures can create unforeseen problems. The group that created the template of McDonalds in India did not gather enough information or have someone versed in the culture of India. The use of oils using beef products was as taboo as the use of beef for burgers in India, and ...

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