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Dealing with Dominant Employees

1. Nikita is one of the 12 workers in Department X. She has strong leadership qualities and all her co-workers look up to her. She dominates conversations with them and expresses strong viewpoints on most matters. Although she is a good worker, her dominating personality has caused problems for you, the new manager of department X. Today you directed your subordinates to change a certain work procedure. The change is one that has proven superior wherever it has been tried. Soon after giving the directive, you noticed the workers talking in a group, with Nikita the obvious leader. In a few minutes she appears in your office.
"We've thought it over" she said. "Your production change won't work." Problem Set:
Analyse the situation and explain your reaction & handling.

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Nikita is obviously the informal leader here. She is an employee that others look up to; however, may not be looked up to because they respect her, but maybe because they fear her or are being "brow beaten" by her. Nikita is confronting you as a new manager with direct insubordination. It is not that you asked her to implement this new program, you have directed her to do so and in ...

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The solution examines behavioral dealings with dominant employees.