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    Dominant Power Characteristics

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    Prepare a 1 to 2-page paper in which you discuss your dominant power characteristics and how they assist you in influencing others in the workplace. Contrast your dominant power characteristics with those of your supervisor. Which power characteristics do you prefer to see in those that oversee your work? Please refer to chapter 12 when discussing your dominant power characteristics.

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    My dominant power is referent power of the personality that I have. Being communicative in nature, I have the charm that has solicited admiration from my colleagues, supervisors and subordinates. I am friendly and I am concerned and I care about people. For me, being a leader means to serve and to treat subordinates and others to the best that I can. Many people like me because of the way I look and handle myself. I dress properly and I am polite and courteous to everyone. My friendliness, congeniality, honesty, integrity has endeared me to the hearts of almost everyone. I am confident in the way I speak with others and it helps me influence even large groups of people by their actions. I talk to my colleagues and subordinates and they find me approachable so they air out their concerns to me. I also make them feel that I am a person of my words and any confidential matter that they tell me I make sure that I keep it to myself and try my ...

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    The solution discusses one's dominant power characteristics and how they have assisted in influencing others in the workplace. It is contrasted with his/her supervisor and the power characteristics that are preferred are also discussed.