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    Incremental Changes in Perspective

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    The Eames film shows incremental changes in perspective as the camera moves in or out by a factor of 10. How does this metaphor apply to the dynamics within an organization for which you work or with which you are familiar? As you change perspective moving up or down the organizational structure, how does the "view" change? At what point does the individual, the department, or the division become the dominant paradigm? How do these shifting viewpoints relate to the themes you are encountering in Finding Our Way?

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    Incremental changes in perspective can be seen in an individual who has worked in his/her field for many years. These changes can also be seen within different levels of responsibility within an organization. But, these changes can also be seen within an organization over the many years.

    When a person just graduated and is working in an organization for the first time, she would be excited to apply the knowledge she gathered from her schooling. She would be eager to learn new things and give her feedback during meetings. However, as years pass, the person gets a better understanding of how the organization works. She now understands some of the issues to deal with and how each project works. Her perspective changes quite a lot.

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