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Business Excellence Model (BEM)

The Business Excellence Model (BEM) is a widely used framework that helps companies to review their performance and practices in a number of areas and identify targets and actions for improvement. It is a benchmarking and audit framework originally developed in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) but based on the philosophy of total quality management sees the need for holistic development and growth of the organization.

How can your organization use BEM to enhance performance?

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BEM is yet another mechanism which can be utilized by businesses to assess the current state of its operation. The result of this self-assessment will enable businesses of all types to determine where they presently are from a financial standpoint, customer and employee satisfaction, market presence, et cetera and thereby create the framework for how to achieve their goals.

My company can use BEM to identify areas for improvement and in doing so decipher which ...

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This solution utilizes my company, a public healthcare system, as an example of how BEM is or can be utilized to enhances its performance and practices.