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    Ramifications of Toxic Leaders

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    In the article "Who's to Blame for Creating a Toxic Organizational Culture," Guthrie presents the position that as the leader, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was responsible for harboring an environment that led to what was termed Bridgegate. Based upon what you have learned thus far about leadership and organizational culture, do you support or refute Guthrie's position?

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    Based upon what I have learned thus far about leadership and organizational culture, I concur completely with Guthrie's position that leaders set the tone within an organization. If a leader does not have fully control, then the organizational culture will likely lack cohesion and structure. If a leader lacks ethical regard, then the organization's climate will probably embody immoral and objectionable implications. Likewise, Guthrie clearly reveals how "A leader who is so seemingly detached from his own organizational culture indicates a leader who doesn't understand how organizations are formed or governed. There is a large body ...

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    350 words of notes and APA references are briefly included to discuss the notion of toxic organizational cultures and how toxic leaders cultivate this type of climate.