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4323- management

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The objective of these questions given to you seems to be to test your knowledge about a few disparate topics of management. These include performance evaluation, ethics, managerial changes and the role of technology in management.
<br>There are some assumptions that these questions make. First, performance evaluation is a vital part of management work true, but it is not without its problems, there is victimization, the halo effect and nepotism. Second, the question assumes that the technological changes are improvements in management, which is highly questionable. For instance, technology has enabled management to keep greater control over its employees through closer supervision. However, the baneful effects of a wired society negate the benefits of closer supervision and stifles employee initiative and performance. Thirdly, there is a presupposition that self-policing is useful in ethical issues. This is not borne out by evidence. In reality, ethical policing leads to further ...