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What is the advantages, and disadvantage of the Option 1, that I have provided?

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I condensed down 60 pages to 10, I have provided the next steps using people, routines, architecture, and culture to help solve the growing costs, and impact to the bottom line.

My concern is what is advantages or disadvantages of the approach of using the option recommended. Or any suggestion you may see, that my reasoning is flawed.

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Zak-Squared is a globally competitive firm that can easily benefit from using its economies of

scale advantage with the correct adjustments in related parts of the organization. Locating all the

software development in one center may reduce some of the communication and transportation

costs and will help overwhelming some difficulties during the organization process. However this

is also going to create many difficulties during the international customizations. Paris office will

have to communicate more frequently with Palo Alto to adapt products to the local needs. This

will create more conflicts and reduce the performance of operations. Instead of this we can

distribute the software development operations among several branches in U.S and Europe.

Because a branch has access to greater ...

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