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Five Strategies Required for Investing Money

An investor has many choices that need to be made before investing his/her money. Identify five strategies that need to be reviewed before an investor can reach his/her personal goals. Discuss the advantages and disadvantage to each strategy.

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Growth focused, income focused, value focused, conservative, and spaghetti are five strategies that an individual can use to achieve investment objectives. All five strategies are considered three main elements namely risk, time and diversification that an individual needs to consider, while making an investment. Growth focused strategy helps to identify an investment option that has high potential of growth. This strategy is helpful to determine such option from which one could achieve its growth objectives (Cagan & O'Connell, 2005). This exposes high risk for the investors and it is the major disadvantage of this ...

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The solution explains five strategies than are used to achieve investment objectives and outlines the advantages and disadvantage of the strategies.