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Space Systems Technologies Case Analysis

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Your company, Space Systems Technologies (SST), has the mission of assembling commercial and military launch vehicles. SST does no fabrication, it simply provides customers specialized assembly expertise, brings the prefabricated parts of the expendable launch vehicle together, and though an assembly process delivers a completed launch vehicle to the launch facility to be mated with the propulsion system prior to launch. SST Corporation assembles many different launch vehicles for various customers who design and launch the rockets but lack the necessary facilities and expertise in rocket assembly (see Launch Vehicles figure). SST is submitting a proposal in response to the Ansari X-Prize Competition as a sub-contractor to Scaled Composites. SST will assemble the different competitor rockets and ship to Scaled Composites who will conduct engine mating, launch, and test data collection.

Your vice president for engineering has to decide whether to incorporate these X-Prize rocket assembly projects into the existing program of launch vehicle assembly or, have a separate program or, consolidate the effort into a project portfolio. You have been asked to research the use of programs and portfolios with projects and provide your recommend course of action. Consider the advantages/disadvantages of:
• Incorporating the X-Prize vehicles into the existing program of launch vehicle assembly
• Establishing the X-Prize vehicles into a standalone program or,
• Establishing a portfolio of X-Prize vehicles

Your paper will provide a short understanding of the situation and problem as it pertains to the mission of Space Systems Technologies, an analysis of each of the options with cited references, a synthesized recommended course of action, and the evaluation of that conclusion from a source reference not already used in your analysis of the problem.

Please go to the X-Prize website for further information on the X-Prize Competition. Be sure to focus only on the cargo launch vehicles that are part of this competition

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//As per the given case, the mission of Space System Technologies (SST) is to assemble the commercial and military launch vehicles. Currently, the company is lacking in various facilities and expertise. In this context, the discussion focuses on launching the X-Prize vehicles by (SST) under the introduction section //


Space System Technologies design and launch rockets for its various customers, but lacks in various facilities and expertise, which are necessary for launching any vehicle. Ansari X-prize foundation wants to launch the cargo vehicles in the space. For this, a team has been created that can compete for the Ansari X prize competition (Long, 2011). This team consists of several experts from various fields, such as mechanical design, aerodynamics, thermal systems, cryogenics, computer science, etc.

X-prize vehicles are those vehicles, which provide security from damage, death or personal loss. It provides safety to airlines aircrafts. Moreover, it also provides security from the environmental factors, such as bad weather, etc. Since, X-prize vehicles are fuel efficient, the customer acceptance and affordability are the major advantages for these vehicles (Stiennon, 2005).

//Different options are ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 764 words with references.