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    Supply-Chain and Operations Process Analysis

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    Please help with the following:

    Develop an analysis essay to the leadership team reporting on the five topics listed below.
    Answering discussion points by providing basic operational concepts presented within the course material.

    Topic 1: Operations Consulting and Reengineering
    - What is operational consulting?
    - What are operational consulting processes?
    - What is Business Process Engineering?

    Topic 2: Lean and Sustainable Supply-Chains and Processes
    - What is process analysis?
    - What are process types?
    - What is process flowcharting/mapping?
    - What is the significance of Little's Law?

    Topic 3: Location, Logistics, and Distribution
    - What are the relationships between location, logistics and distribution?

    Topic 4: Strategic Capacity Management
    - What is strategic capacity management?
    - What are the strategic capacity management concepts?
    - What are the relationships between strategic capacity management planning and service capacities?

    Topic 5: Summarization
    - What are the overall connections between the topics presented through weeks one and two?
    - What and how would you recommend applying the topics within your own or an external organization?

    Assignment Quality Requirements
    - Includes an active attempt to present the information in a clear, and concise manner
    - Includes one or more supporting citations for each discussion point. The primary supporting citation must be from the course text, and or, course support documents.
    - Includes external support citations from a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5-years old. The supporting article references satisfy the writing requirements for conducting research beyond the course material.

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    I used the questions to outline the information I am supplying. You will need to address the information from your textbook and add it, along with transitions to make a paper. There is enough information here to complete an essay easily. I added some references within the question areas. You can use these references to add information as well. If you need some other references please ask.

    What is operational consulting?

    When companies are faced with issues internally, often reviewed and analyzed using a SWOT, an operational consultant works to help resolve those issues. The operational consulting practice reviews the operations of the company, the management make up, departments, the structure of the company and learns why the company's workflow occurs as it does. From this analysis, the consultant can identify what is working in the workflow and interactions between departments and find where changes are needed. Suggestions on those changes are made along the division of labor changes that should accompany operational changes.

    What are operational consulting processes?

    The consultant in identification of issues uses these. It begins with the examination of the company structure and division of labor among management. Then the divisions and departments are analyzed for structure and efficiency. How these divisions and departments interact is also examined to see how they relate to each other and how they work to improve the customer experience, in either supplying services or supplying customers with products.

    What is Business Process Engineering?

    This is directly related to the creation and evaluation of the workflow within a company as it makes a product or performs a service. It considers the workflows of the company and how it is designed. This is performed to create more efficient methods and more effective organizational outputs (Gulledge, Sommer, 1999).

    Some believe, like Gulledge and Sommer (1999) that in order to better perform a company must also understand the policies and managerial oversight and performance measurements and how they affect the organizational workflows.
    Gulledge, T. R., & Sommer, R. A. (1999). Process coupling in business process engineering. Knowledge and Process Management,6(3), 158-165.

    Topic 2: Lean and Sustainable Supply-Chains and Processes

    What is process analysis?

    This examination of the processes a business uses to create outputs from inputs. It helps to define boundaries of processes from the various entry points of inputs to where the process has an exit point of outputs. It examines the process flow diagrams for activities and identifies the steps of the process for capacity, ...

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