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Overseas Discrimination Procedures

U. S. law protects women from job discrimination, but many countries do not offer women such protection. Suppose several important job opportunities arise at overseas factories owned by your firm; however, these factories are located in countries that severely restrict the working rights of women. You fear that female managers thus will be ineffective there. Should you adopt gender-blind selection policies for these positions? Does it make a difference if you have good reason to fear for the physical safety of your female managers? Does it make a difference if the restrictions are cultural rather than legal in nature?

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The short answer to is that a company should not treat women in other countries differently than in the United States and should therefore adopt gender blind policies. This must be done thoughtfully on the company's behalf. There are two major reasons to be gender blind, moral and practical.
There are two subsets in the morality reasoning I would like to identify.
1. Organizations should not limit the opportunities of any one group of people when they do not do so in another country. ...

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The solution discusses how to handle gender issues in overseas operations.