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Case study: BEST Health Food Company

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1. Set up the following linear programming problem in an Excel spreadsheet so I can work it with Solver.

2. Provide a written step by step explanation so I will understand similar problems on the midterm next week.

After I work through the problem and explanation I would like you to review my answers to be certain I am on the right track. I will provide additional compensation, of course.

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"There are standards for each of the mixtures, based on the weight of the key components.

? A box of the Nutrition mixture must contain 5 pounds of the key components(*note: I take this as an "equal" constraint), must contain at least twice as much component C as component B, and must contain at least 20 percent component A."

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A Health Food Blend Case

The BEST Health Food company produces two blends of health food:

1. A mixture named Nutrition. and
2. A mixture named Taste.

The market dictates that BEST produce each month at least 60,000 boxes of the Nutrition mixture and 100,000 boxes of the Taste mixture. Demand for these products is projected to be no more than 100,000 boxes of the Nutrition mixture and 400,000 boxes of the Taste mixture per month.

For next month's production, BEST estimates it will be able to buy as much as it needs of the three key components for these two health foods at a cost of $3 per pound of component A, $2 per pound of component B, and $5 per pound of component C. Each type of component requires a different type of processing before going into a final health food. The BEST plant is able to process no more than 200,000 pounds of ...

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