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Capacity questions

1. In a job shop effective capacity is only 50% of design capacity and actual output is only 90% of effective output. What design capacity would be needed to achieve actual output of 8 jobs per week.

2. The below diagram shows a process that consists of eight separate operations with sequential relationships and capacities (units per hour)

15/hr 10/hr 20/hr
1>>>>>>>> 2>>>>>>>>>> 3→→→→→
34/hr 30/hr
5/hr 8/hr 12/hr ^
4>>>>>>>>> 5>>>>>>>>>>6→→→→→→

A. What is the current capacity of the entire process?

B. If you could increase the capacity of only two operations through process improvement efforts, which two would you select?

C. How much additional capacity would you strive for in those two operations?

D. What would be the resulting capacity for the entire process?

Looking for an explanation of how you got the answers to A-D.


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