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    calculate the total surgeries by type and doctor

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    You are managing the OR and have been told to come up with the mix of surgeries and doctors that will yield $2,300,000. Currently your OR performs 5 different surgeries and has 3 different doctors. Your OR operates one shift per day with a maximum amount of 8,000 OR hours. The only constraints that you have been given are the following:

    ? No single surgery will exceed 30% of the total surgeries
    ? No single surgery will be less than 5% of the total surgeries
    ? No single doctor will have more than 45% of the total surgeries
    ? No single doctor will have less than 10% of the total surgeries
    ? The total number of patients must be an integer (set the constraint to "int")

    Using Linear Programming, calculate the total number of surgeries and the percentage of surgeries by type (1-5) and doctor (a-c) that yields a profit of $2,300,000.

    See attachment for numbers relating to this problem.

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    Note that the trick here is to set the total number of patients integer, we use the constraints:
    total number = int(total ...

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