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Research Mothods on corporate issues

Question 1
Do you agree that the success of corporations rests in their ability to communicate effectively, to convince stakeholders of their point of view, and persuade them to respond in a desired manner?'

Question 2
Should relationships and communication patterns differ with different categories of stakeholders?" Discuss.

Question 3
Do corporations that follow ethical principles of honesty and integrity have a stronger customer following than companies that are unscrupulous." Discuss.

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1. Communication is definitely a key factor when companies are trying to convey to their audience what they're selling. Even if it doesn't come across as a sale, getting the information across is key. This is why companies are using the internet, webinars and podcasts in today's market which differs from the regular channels of marketing in the past. It is not enough for the company to get their name across, they also have to get across the information clearly. It is important because even if individuals know of a company's name, they need to also know what they stand for ...