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    Uni-Lever Social Impact

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    Each group is assigned the same extensive case study (Unilever).
    Using material learned in class, internet resources and other referenced research material regarding Organizational Change and/or Unilever, develop a 2,000 word analysis.
    Assignment must be submitted in Word ; be creative and insert meaningful charts, graphs, links, etc., which highlight the analysis.

    I am only responsible for 500 words and my topic is social (how development of Unilever impacted to society/community of Indonesia).

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    UI focuses on the voluntary community contributions and the company's influence in government within Indonesia. UI has placed its focus on changing the poverty footprint of their core business rather than on charitable contributions. Most communities which were interviewed claimed to have received a direct impact from the presence of UI; these benefits were employment, business generated in local shops, increased transportation usage, and repairs to their transportation (motorbikes).
    Traditionally, UI devoted their resources towards charity including foundations and programs within the community. Their Peduli Foundation created social responsibility within the organization and created leadership within other corporations in Indonesia. The foundation raised over 1 million U.S. dollars in both in-kind contributions and cash to ...

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    This solution focuses on the organization Uni-Lever and the social impact this organization had in the community of Indonesia. The solution is approximatey 500 words with one reference.