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Are MNC's held to moral standards of their home countries

8. In a company, who is a stakeholder and who is a stockholder? Can they be the same? Give an example where they may be the same and where they may differ. How is the stakeholder view different from the stockholder view? Discuss the three uses of the stakeholder view.

9. In your point of view, should the MNCs be bound by the prevailing morality of the home country or should they follow the practices of the host country? Give an example to back your point of view.

10. Considering wages, working conditions and job opportunities, is the manufacture of goods in countries with low labor cost advantageous to developed and developing countries alike? Present at least three reasons for your response and give an actual example of a developing country and a product manufactured there that will back up your response to this question.

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Stock holder is the one who has invested his money in the capital of the company. He is simply the shareholder. Stake holders are the ones who have stakes in the company. Shareholders, Employees, Customers, Creditors etc. All stock holders are also Stakeholders but all stakeholders are not share holders. If I invested $ ...

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This solution discusses corporate stakeholders, ethics for multi-national corporations and the benefits to both developed and developing countries from outsourcing in 221 words.