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Ethical dilemmas faced by multinational companies.

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Research and prepare a discussion that addresses the ethical dilemmas that face multinational companies.

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One of the main issues that face multinational companies is that many companies in various countries are permitted to legally engage in acts of bribery and corruption as a part of routine business transactions. This turns into a situation where companies engaging in multinational operations must decide if engaging in the same type of activity is an ethical act. In the U.S. and in various other countries, the FCPA is a federal law. Companies that are caught in violation of the FCPA ...

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The solution discusses the ethical dilemmas that face multinational companies.

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Ethical dilemmas for drug companies

Assignment 2: Discussion—Ethics and IPR

IPR protect drug companies from others making their products without the expense of investing in research and development. IPR also enable drug companies to recoup research and development (R&D) costs by charging more for a drug than the marginal cost of producing it.

One result of this strategy, however, is that unless a company can charge enough to cover the costs of R&D and production, it has no incentive to develop and produce a drug; no matter how important that drug may be to certain populations, for example, the poor in third-world countries.

What ethical dilemmas does this situation pose for drug companies?
Do other types of companies face similar dilemmas?

Identify and read two to three other articles on professional ethics and the concept of intellectual property.

Share your observations, early conclusions, reflections, and questions in this discussion.

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