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Cultural Challenges for Multinational Corporations

Create a four-to-six-slide presentation that describes the cultural challenges that a multinational corporation typically faces and how these can be overcome or, at least, mitigated through the use of technology. This should contain information on the challenges that such a corporation would face both with its clients and its own employees and how technology applies in these areas.

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Challenge: Multinational companies face a diversity of cultural perspectives
This can make it difficult for organization to make companywide policy decisions
Technological solution: Utilize email to gain consensus and understanding, also useful to eliminate questions in policies since it is written communication

Organizational Culture
Challenge:Hard to develop unified organizational culture from within because of different cultural perspectives
Creating teams and unity across national borders is ...

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This solution is a powerpoint presentation that describes the cultural challenges a multinational corporation faces and to overcome or mitigate these challenges through technology. It addresses it from the standpoint of employees and clients and includes APA formatted references.