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    The Ramifications of Business Merger Activity

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    1.Merger activity continues to be a much-used strategic option. From 2008 to 2009, M&A activity completed totaled approximately $5 trillion. In our current economic situation we see the pace has slowed a bit, but it is still active. Has your organization engaged in this activity? Perhaps your organization has been the target of an acquisition? If so, has it been an example of horizontal or vertical integration, or both? How has it worked out?
    2.Much of the last decade of business activity has been aimed at process rationalization. This refers to fine tuning the organization's activities so that each process takes place in the location that makes the most sense, i.e., where it most "rational" to do so. This has frequently resulted in various operations being relocated to different markets. Thus, much of this process is characterized by outsourcing operations from their traditional locations. Has your organization engaged in this process? If so, did the organization realize the anticipated gains?

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    My organization has indeed engaged in merger activity, due to the fact that my organization has merged with another organization, due to the fact that this merger will result in more profitability for both organizations. Although this process has slowed a bit due to the present economic situation, this process is still profitable for many organizations who seek to enhance their strategic position within their industry, as well as to make their organizations better, by obtaining some of the knowledge and technological advances that similar organizations have. During this merger activity my organizational leadership decided that it would be in the best interest of the merge organization, if our organization was allowed to keep employees who are already trained and ...