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    Sears-Kmart Merger, Edward Lampert vs. Warren Buffett.

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    How do you predict the Sears-Kmart merger will work out in the long-term? Use a synthesis of the research to justify your answer. Compare and contrast Edward Lampert to/with Warren Buffett.

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    The Sears-Kmart merger is unlikely to be able to return Kmart to its 'glory days'.

    Sears' sales had been declining for four years and Kmart's business was shrinking even faster. (Chandler, 2004)

    According to Erik Gordon, a marketing professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, they haven't figured out how to reinvent themselves. (Chandler, 2004)

    Many investment analysts theorize that Edward Lampert's motives aren't in either company's best interests and are focused on exploiting the real estate owned by the retail giants rather than helping them make a turnaround. (Chandler, 2004)

    Retail experts claim that merging these companies and crossing brands is a mistake that weakens the power of stronger ...

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    The expert examines Sears-Kmart Merger for Edward Lampert versus Warren Buffett.