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    Mergers and Acquisitions: Successful Processes

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    Discuss your personal experience with mergers. Has this company been acquired or has it acquired another company? What were the highlights and lowlights of the merger process? Was the merger successful (be sure to define how you measure success)?

    Please use APA format for any quotations or citations. It should be a minimum of 350 words.

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    Well, change, regardless of how beneficial it could be, is always chaotic and if you are unlucky, traumatic. Fortunately, for any of the companies I have worked with in the past, though there were a lot of changes, which is actually inevitable if a company has to survive in a fast changing competitive environment and to stay ahead of its competition, these changes were not as chaotic or traumatic as that of a merger or acquisition.

    My experience with mergers come from what I read in the finance section of newspapers and hear in the news. A ...

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    This solution discusses past experiences with mergers and acquisitions and the different aspects of the merger process.