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    Merger Analysis

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    The Stanley Stationary Shoppe wishes to acquire The Carlson Card Gallery for $400,000. Stanley expects the merger to provide incremental earnings for about $64,000 a year for 10 years. Ken Stanley has calculated the marginal cost of capital for this investment to be 10 percent. Conduct a capital budgeting analysis for Stanley to determine whether or not he should purchase The Carlson Card Gallery.

    I know the answer is supposed to be NPV= -$6,747.71, but I do not know how to work the problem. Thanks

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    In order to work out a capital budgeting problem, you need to calculate the present value of the cash inflows.From the sum of the Present Value of the inflows subtract the initial investment to get the NPV. If the NPV is negative, the project should not be accepted.

    In this case, the initial ...

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    The solution explains the calculation relating to acquisition of Carlson Card by Stanley Stationary.