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    Merger types and other business analysis terms

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    What is horizontal merger?

    What is vertical merger?

    What is conglomerate merger?

    Why would unrelated firms want to merge?

    What are the terms that best describe the following?

    1. General Motors Corporation buys Hughes Electronics Corporation.
    2. A bakery corporation buys a grocery store chain.
    3. Company X is trying to buy out Company Y but Company Y does not want to be taken over.
    4. British Petroleum makes an offer to buy Arco Oil Company.
    5. The merger of American Online and Time-Warner.

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    Types of Mergers

    Horizontal Merger

    Horizontal merger is a combination of two or more companies in similar manufacturing or distribution area of business. When the two firms or organizations competing in the same market combine or join together is termed as merger. The market has either a large effect or no affect due to this type of merger. When the small firms merge, the results are unnoticeable while the merger between large companies affects both the market & economy (Mergers).

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 322 Words, APA Reference