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AOL Time Warner Merger

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Mergers & Acquisitions Project, Part IV - Presentation:
Analyze the risks associated with the M&A strategy.

1) As a result of your investigation and analysis, would you recommend a different M&A strategy? Why or why not?

This is for a PowerPoint presentation. Please include citation and references:

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As the merger between AOL and Time Warner was a failure, I would definitely recommend alterations or modifications to the strategy pursued by AOL and Time Warner for their merger. Although the intent of the merger based on expectations about the potential synergies arising out of the merger of these two companies was not wrong, the transaction process via which merger was accomplished had numerous faults that resulted in failure of the merger. My recommendations are based on strategies that could have been put in place by these companies to make their merger a huge success.

One of the major reasons cited for the failure of the merger was poor cultural fit between the two companies. The management of both the companies should have paid attention to this fact prior to the merger and should have implemented various strategies to address this issue after ...

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AOL Time Warner Merger: analyze the risks associated with the M&A strategy

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