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Federal Trade Commission: AOL/Timewarner

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First, you are to go to the Federal Trade Commission's website at http://www.ftc.gov/bc/index.shtml and select one proposed merger for your paper. I have selected AOL - TIMEWARNER. Present a complete description of the industry. List and describe the firms in the industry.

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The federal trade commission for AOL/TImewarner.

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The AOL/Time Warner merger garnered concerns from the Federal Trade Commission due in part to the fact that two powerful companies such as these would deny competitors access to the new broadband technology. In 2000 when the merger was sought before the FTC, broadband was in its infancy and allowing two titans in the their respective industries wherein America Online, Inc. ("AOL") at the time was the United States' largest Internet service provider ("ISP"), and Time Warner Inc. ("Time Warner"), was one of the biggest cable television and media conglomerates with over 20% of the market in cable television system servicing. According to Robert Pitofsky, acting Chairman of the FTC in 2000, the approval ...

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